What’s the difference between a conditioner, a hair masque and an in-salon treatment?

A Conditioner is a low maintenance, hair detangling, softening, cuticle closing cream that reacts instantly on the hair and is rinsed off after 30-60 seconds on the hair. It’s quick, easy to use, and should be used more on the lengths and ends instead of on the roots of your hair, because it softens your hair and will diminish the volume you might want to achieve. The lengths and ends are the older, more dry part of your hair, and who needs an oily scalp anyway?

A Hair Masque usually comes in a tub and will require you to scoop some out instead of through a pump. You’ll want to use a small amount of masque, because they’re more expensive and are more penetrating and moisturizing than a conditioner. This is your heavy-duty at-home, once-a-week treatment (unless otherwise instructed by your stylist). It’s powerful enough to remove (or fade) colour if applied during the week following your colour application, so it’s better to wait one week for your colour to settle. Hair masques are usually applied for at least 10 minutes to get the full benefits. If you’d like, you can towel-dry your hair, apply the masque and leave it in for 10-30 minutes. Some like to put a plastic bag around their head and sleep with it all night That’s up to you, based on the needs of your hair.

At Salon ERA, the In-Salon Treatments we provide are exclusively selected with professional expertise from among the very best and most effective treatments available around the world. We offer premium quality with personalized care so that our clients receive the best experience and enjoy the longevity of the results.  

Caviar Treatment: 

sleekhair_2270_1675842113 Hair Type: All hair types
Result: Healthy, moisturized and satin-like touch.
Recommended for: Extreme damage from chemical processes like Perms, highlift colour or excessively dry and brittle hair.
Effective: 2-4 weeks
The Caviar treatment by Kérastase is the most intense nourishing hair repair system available. It consists of ethereal oils that helps revive hair and scalp and restores hair condition to almost new or virgin hair.




Déesse Treatment:


Hair Type: Medium to coarse hair
Result: Smooth and rich velvet-like touch.
Recommended for: Unruly and frizz-prone hair that is hard to style and maintain.
Effective: 2-4 weeks 
The Déesse treatment is the most efficient treatment system showing immediate results in 3 swift steps like no other treatment we have witnessed so far.





Shu Uemura Master Treatment:


Hair Type: All hair types
Result: Luxurious moisturized and lustrous finish
Recommended for: Dull over-worked and dry hair.
Effective: 2-4 weeks
The Shu Uemura Master treatment is an absolute dream repair system that is brilliantly designed to deliver specific results for each treatment making it unique every single time.




Golden X-Five (limited time only): 

Hair Type: All hair types
Result: Ultra soft feather-like touch.
Recommended for: All hair types
Effective: 2-4 weeks
The Golden X-Five Treatment is one of our latest discoveries, that we are so thrilled to offer to our clients in addition to the elite selection of treatments at Salon ERA. This powerful repair system penetrates into the core of the hair and enhances the quality of hair from within.